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Beads diameter: 9-10 mm

Materials: 100% Sterling silver, Black Ivory coffee stone




The hero of all MAKAB bracelets, this hand-crafted piece consists solely of 100% pure Black Ivory coffee beads, featuring sterling silver finishes, such as the logo plate and the pull-tab beads.

Opening and fastening the bracelet works by means of a drawstring lock – just pull the beads closest to the lock and then pull the end tabs to adjust accordingly.Please note that due to the fact that each piece is handcrafted, variations in color, shape or size are likely to occur. As such, the final product might present minor differences from the one pictured here.


All MAKAB products benefit from a 2-year guarantee. 


  • For proper maintenance of your MAKAB piece, we recommend that you:

    • Be careful when wearing it, because its fitting and aspect may be affected by mechanical shock;
    • Store the jewelry in its original box;
    • Avoid contact with chemical substances, as they might erode both the metal and the stone. Jewellery and silverware can be affected in time, if they come in contact with chemical agents such as perfume, salt water, chlorine, sulphur and others, as well as if they are subject to extended exposure to sunlight and fire.